• 15-16/10/2019

    2019 15 Oct
    Training course about the project methodologies. Program
  • 25/11/2019

    2019 25 Nov
    Final project meeting. Program
  • 26/11/2019

    2019 26 Nov
    Final conference of the project.






One of the biggest challenges of modern environmental epidemiology is being able to collect and link, in a complex way, large amounts of geographical, environmental and health data, to obtain comprehensive information otherwise not available.

The main goal of the BEEP project is to estimate, through BIGDATA methodology, the health effects of air pollution, noise and meteorological parameters on the Italian general population. The project consists of specific objectives focused on different special domains, from the whole nation to the urban micro-scale.

A special focus is on: the risk of hospitalization and mortality at a national level and in the leading Italian metropolitan areas; the risk of injuries in population of workers related to environmental factors; the risk of commuting accidents related to population mobility and extreme climate events.

The results of the BEEP project, beyond opening new scientific research perspectives, will provide useful indication for public decision makers in the field of air quality, planning of urban environments and public health protection.


A project funded by “Bando Ricerche in Collaborazione BRiC 2016-2018”




Giovanni Viegi
CNR - Istituto per la Ricerca e l'Innovazione Biomedica (CNR-IRIB)
Tel: +39 091 6809194 - mail: segreteria@irib.cnr.it

Massimo Stafoggia
Dipartimento di Epidemiologia SSR Lazio (ASL Roma 1)
Tel: +39 06 99722185 - mail: m.stafoggia@deplazio.it

Coordinatore INAIL:

Claudio Gariazzo
INAIL - Dipartimento Medicina Epidemiologia Igiene del Lavoro Ambientale (INAIL-DIMEILA)
Tel: +39 06 94181525 - mail: c.gariazzo@inail.it